to be a change agent for the music industry


create change connect culture


to inspire the world by connecting the Artist to Patrons through Artist Connect




Madison Line Record’s houses a full service booking group that schedules tours,
represents venues, serves as a talent buyer, and books for festivals.
We have experience booking across the USA, Europe and the world.





Songwriters at Madison Line Records hold and receive 100% of the writer’s share
of publishing at Madison Line Records.  The Publishing Department at MLR
includes publishing, co-publishing, and collection services worldwide.





Madison Line Records manages our artists through a proprietary system called
Constant Attention (CA). CA helps artists grow artistically, financially, physically,
and spiritually. Additionally, MLR works with outside managers and their clients.   




Madison Line Records houses two ProTools pre-production studios in the heart
of Memphis. MLR collaborates with several Memphis based studios, including
world-renowned Ardent studios, and The Grove at Hope Pres.  Madison Line works
with both in-house and international producers and engineers.

Additionally, a full range of video production services are available through
Madison Line Productions  

Contact:,  or

Artist Connect

As a 501(c)3, Madison Line Records is in a unique position to connect patrons
and artists in order to financially support creative and career opportunities. Individuals
and organizations with investment capital have the opportunity to invest in the creative
work of our artists.


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Constant Attention



The greatest need of new and seasoned artists is constant attention; a consistent
voice encouraging them to press forward in career decisions and stay on task in order
to meet milestones and goals. Constant Attention is a proven benefit to both novice
artists working on their first demo and to seasoned artists with #1 singles.