Memphis, TN / Emo, Indie  


    A sadly provocative skeptic: That is the essence of Arthur;, Memphis’ singer-songwriter Wyatt Braden. With his compelling guitar riffs and passive aggressive lyrics, Arthur; seeks to say the things that are too much for mere words alone using an emo/folk/indie sound married to a melancholy wit. 
    A newcomer to the writing world, Braden uses song as a way to release all the things that we find trapped in our own heads. “I don’t necessarily have a message,” Braden says, “I just write about things that happen in life. It’s a way to be honest without burning any bridges in the process.” As Arthur; he seeks to create enjoyably depressing music drawing from influences like You Blew It, The Front Bottoms, Manchester Orchestra, Into It. Over It. as well as the Memphis local scene.   
     Braden started his musical odyssey as a twelve-year old jamming on his dads guitar. It wasn’t long before he got involved in the Memphis scene, eventually picking up bass for local band Wicker. In 2014 Braden began attending Visible Music College in downtown Memphis. His dynamic writing and unique style quickly caught the eye of the school’s non-for-profit record label, Madison Line Records. 
   In early 2015 he officially signed with MLR for a solo project and Arthur; was born. He will be working with MLR for a summer 2015 release and will also perform around the Memphis area. He plans to continue to make provocative music about the sad realities of the everyday. Something to speak to the skeptic in all of us. 

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