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Corey Sanders (a.k.a Cayerio) is a Tennessee-bred writer and artist who not only knew how to astound an audience, but knew how to keep re-inventing himself. A successful rapper who evolved into a performer with years of hard work. With that career accomplishment, he drew fans who admired his dedication. His one goal was to leave a legacy of changing lives through music.

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After she had crisscrossed the country on a journey of self discovery, singer/songwriter Autumn Fox nestled herself in the city of Memphis. With nearly a decade of experiences, she felt passionately about documenting all the Father had done in her. Spring 2008 was a unique pivotal moment for Autumn Fox. She decided to begin work on her first full length musical release; filled with strong writing, intimate guitar and lithe vocal styling. Listener's can easily taste the plethora of flavors in her music that reflect the pure nature of Autumn’s heart and soul.

Autumn Fox

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Lights Align

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Lights Aligns’ music took root in rhythmic indie bands such as Mutemath and appealed to a variety of music fans. At the same time, it also had a deep attachment to God’s unfailing love. It comprised of Visible Music students who wanted to meet individuals where they were, and lead them into the presence of God.

Vinny Rose

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Honest Traitor


Growing up surrounded by music, singer/songwriter Marci Coleman knows music on an honest and personal level. Filled with deep love and joy for spreading God’s love, Coleman’s soulful pop worship is unique. One can expect her music to be warm, welcoming, uplifting and encouraging simultaneously. Marci’s goal is to let people know they are not alone in their everyday struggles. While being herself, she shares the songs and melodies God puts in her heart.

Marci Coleman

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