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Electric and Human. Those are the words that founding member Ken Steorts (formerly of Skillet) uses to describe the sonic experience that is the beep. An energetic indie-rock band out of Memphis, the beep brings a message of deeply considered hope in Jesus Christ with a passionate punch of loud guitars, furious drums, and whispered screams. They strive to make music of thoughtful depth and fun dissatisfaction with normal life, offering the option to rise above existential emotion with a Christian worldview as well as having pointed conversations about living a life of faith in this world - and enjoying it. 

Upon Steorts’ departure from Skillet in 1999, he returned to his roots: three piece, punk influenced, happy, heavy rock and formed the beep with Chris Wark and Brad Davis. With a flow of drummers spending a few years with the band, the beep officially became a four piece band with the most recent lineup of Ken Steorts (guitar/vox), Aaron Stanley (guitar/bgv), Claire Alexander (bass), and Simon Alexander (drums) in 2015. 

Drawing influences from 70s/80s punk rock and new wave as well as modern bands like Muse and the Foo Fighters, the beep want people to have fun when listening to their music, but also be left with something more. Committed Christians who have experience in leading lives of service to others and to God, the band is inspired by the pain, joy, and emotional mix of life as believers in a world that is often hopeless. Their hope is that Christians will find deep connection with the lyrics and that everyone will hear stories of human triumph and struggle, with a positive struggle towards meaning.