You The Few

Memphis, TN / Post-Hardcore  


 “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.”* Formerly known as Eleutheria, You The Few is a 5-piece post-hardcore band found in the heart of Memphis, Tennessee. With their third album on the way, the band saw the perfect opportunity to introduce their new name and even heavier sound. Formed in 2013, this group of artists found each other at Visible Music College. With origins ranging from Oregon to Maryland, You The Few is screaming their realities and their worship as far as the stage allows.
The band is made up of vocalist Naø Glover, guitarists Nick Toebbe and Shekinah Langford, drummer Joel Hoyt, and bassist Daniel Lewandowski. From worship to indie-rock, the histories of all members have come together to create the unique correlation of sounds that make up You The Few. Drawing sonic comparisons to bands like Silent Planet and Underoath, their melodies crash into the harsh screaming vocals to construct a beautiful contrast in energies from song to song. Their new record is sure to bring aggressive depth and the loudest voice this band has ever seen.
After releasing their latest album, Taken at the Flood in May 2015, You The Few hit the road for a week of music, community, and ministry. Inspired by the people they met on tour, the band is now furiously writing and recording their next record.
You The Few prepares to do justice to their music at every show with an honest, raw on-stage experience. In a genre dominated by males, female vocalist Naø and guitar player Shekinah confirm that girls can scream and play as brutally as anyone. While aiming for energy on stage, the relationships built off stage remain a high priority. They want to grow You The Few into You The Many; a family built on hope.
You The Few’s music can be found on iTunesSpotifyGoogle PlayAmazon MP3 and all other digital distributors. The movement started in 2013 in a music school practice room, and now that it is in motion, there is no stopping it. You The Few has lit the spark, and now the fire has nothing to do but blaze through the dark.
*Matthew 9:37

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